Sitherwood Family Vacation

Grand Cayman Island

June 28th thru July 4th, 2008

Family at Stingray Beach!

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Enjoying the pool:


Beverly relaxing at the hotel.


Rachel enjoying the good life at the hotel pool.  It's a tough life but someone has to enjoy it!


Experiencing Nature at Stingray City, a sand bar off Grand Cayman:

Look what I found!

We've got a new friend!

Neal gets one too!

It's hard to sneak up on one when the water is this clear.

One tries to sneak up behind us but Neal is on guard!

Bev gets a picture of Carl, Neal and Rachel on the sand bar.  The dark spots are stingrays swimming among the people. Rachel moves in on the creature of the deep! Beauty! A face only a mother could love! Come here!
This one's had enough of the tourists! A larger one and a smaller one. So graceful when they swim.
Rachel looking for some stingrays. Neal and his buddy!      



Parasailing off the hotel beach:

Rachel and Neal getting ready to take off. Let's go! They're halfway up.
Coming in a little short of the boat! Carl took the camera up with him. The hotel to the right of the rope is where we were staying.


Last updated: 8 July 2008